Stock on hand

Whether you're a Massey, Ford or Fiat guy, we've got something for you!


New Holland 7840 4WD

90hp (67.1kW)

Massey Ferguson 290.jpg

Massey Ferguson 290

80hp (60kW)

Massey Ferguson 165

Massey Ferguson 165

59hp (45kW)

New Holland 100-90

New Holland 100-90 4wd

100hp (74.6kW)

Massey Ferguson 390.jpg

Massey Ferguson 390

81hp (60.4kW)

Massey Ferguson 188.jpg

Massey Ferguson 188

75hp (55.9kW)

Landini 8500 4WD.jpg

Landini 8500M 4WD

80hp (59.7kW)

Massey Ferguson 265.jpg

Massey Ferguson 265

74 hp (55kW)

Fiat 640 4x4.jpg

Fiat 640 4x4

67hp (50kW)


We have a variety of inventory just waiting for you. 


New Holland 8030 4wd

122hp (91kW)

Massey Ferguson 240

Massey Ferguson 240

46hp (35kW)

Fiat 640.jpg

Fiat 640

64hp (47.7kW)


As you can see some of our tractors are yet to be reconditioned.

They are available for purchase "as is" or to be transferred into your custom dream!

Landini 8860.jpg

Landini 8860

83.6hp (62.3kW)

Fiat 980.jpg

Fiat 980

98hp (73.1kW)


Massey Ferguson 399 4wd

97hp (72.3kW)

Fiat 70-56.jpg

Fiat 70-66

70hp (52.2kW)


New Holland 6640

90.7hp (67.6kW)


Massey Ferguson 399

97hp (72.3kW)

Fiat 80-66.jpg

Fiat 80-66

80hp (59.7kW)


Ford 6640 Turbo

90.7hp (67.6kW)

1957 Deutz 45

1957 Deutz 45

41.6hp (31kW)

Speak with one of our representatives and buy your tractor today.