Stock on hand

Whether you're a Massey, Ford or Fiat guy, we've got something for you!

Ford 7840 4WD.jpg

Ford 7840 4WD

90hp (67.1kW)

Massey Ferguson 290.jpg

Massey Ferguson 290

80hp (60kW)

Massey Ferguson 165

Massey Ferguson 165

59hp (45kW)

Massey Ferguson 135.jpg

Massey Ferguson 135

47hp (35kW)

Fiat 640 4x4.jpg

Fiat 640 4x4

67hp (50kW)


Stock on hand

Our sales team is here to show you the best refurbished tractors on the market. We have a variety of inventory just waiting for you. See some of the models we have to offer below.

Massey Ferguson 188



Fiat 880 with Rovic Loader

88hp (65.6kW)

FIat 880.jpg

Fiat 70-66 DT

69hp (52kW)

Fiat 70-66 4WD.jpg

Massey Ferguson 240

46hp (35kW)

Massey Ferguson 240

New TAFE Tractors

We are very excited to announce that Agri Vista is now an official TAFE dealer!

We have long strived to take the next step in our business, and it is with great pleasure that we are now able to offer our clients a wider variety of choices when it comes to farming equipment. 

Tough, versatile and packed with power, the TAFE tractors range from 36 to 100 horsepower. TAFE sets itself apart from the rest with not only performance, but a bold style statement as well! 


35hp (26kW)

TAFE 35 DI 2WD.jpg

TAFE 1015

99hp (74kW)

TAFE 1015.jpg


47hp (35kW)

TAFE 45 DI 2WD.jpg

TAFE 5900 DI 4WD

60hp (45kW)

TAFE 5900 DI 4WD.jpg

TAFE 6515

65hp (48kW)

TAFE 6515.jpg

TAFE 7502 DI 4WD

74hp (55kW)

TAFE 7502 DI 4WD.jpg

TAFE 7515

74hp (55kW)

TAFE 7515.jpg

TAFE 8502 2WD

82hp (61kW)

TAFE 8502 2WD.jpg

To be reconditioned

Some of our tractors, yet to be reconditioned.
Available for purchase "as is" or to be transferred into your custom dream!
Keep your eyes on this space for some amazing transformations.

Fiat 100-90.jpg

Fiat 100-90

100hp (75kW)


Massey Ferguson 460

105hp (78.3kW)

Ford 5000 with loader

Ford 5000

69hp (52kW)

1957 Deutz 45

1957 Deutz 45


Massey Ferguson 188

Massey Ferguson 188

75hp (56kW)

Speak with one of our representatives and buy your tractor today.