Planter/Disc Harrow Combinations

Innovation in farming is taking on new forms! Our Planter/Disc Harrow Combinations holds great promise to enhance and further enable man and machine to work faster, smarter, safer and more efficiently.

Working towards clever fuel-saving seedbed preparation. There is no need to change implements or to go over the same soil again. This leads to less soil compaction.

Our Planter Combinations allows for precision small scale farming with variable depth, independent planting units and variable fertilizer flow, fully adjustable for precise calibration.

It uses standard bearings, chains and gears, available at most industrial equipment suppliers, making it ideal for our farmers in outer laying areas. 

2 Row Planter/Disc Harrow Combo

New 2 Row Planter/Disc Harrow Combination

Planter/Disc Harrow Combinations.jpg

New Planter/Disc Harrow Combinations

New 3 Row Planter/Disc Harrow Combination

New 3 Row Planter/Disc Harrow Combination


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